Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
1 Oct 2019
7:51 pm

First we fail our children, now we get rid of ‘dumb’ ones

Sydney Majoko

The education dept is responsible for learning deficits – and instead of seeking proper solutions to the problem, an exit strategy for kids with deficits is introduced.

Failing a grade. Picture: Twitter

One of the most spectacular failures of the ANC-led government over the past 25 years has undoubtedly been education. This failure has not only been limited to the teaching environment in the classroom, but extends far beyond the syllabus and how it is taught. There is no doubt the government inherited an almost dysfunctional education system, but it would be disingenuous to point to that as the main reason for the current state of basic education more than two decades later. The failure to eradicate inequalities in rural parts of provinces, such as the Eastern Cape and Limpopo, come down...