Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
8 Oct 2019
12:33 pm

What about those who want the neighbours to know when we’re done?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Sure, most popular music is terrible, with lyrics that want of some better quality, but still, is it enough to criticise a song about hookup sex as being an instigator of gender-based violence?

Biggy was in my city this weekend and, given his hit, Dames (Ladies), I reflected on the criticism it’s been receiving in its alleged contribution to gender-based violence. I might understand the criticism but I don’t agree … and now I’ve been placed in a space where I disagree with the criticism to such an extent that it will make me go as far as the unintentional consequence of defending Afrikaans doef-doef music. Broadly, the song starts with the story of Biggy seeing a lady (who he’s rather descriptive with), as he says he “can see she just wants things”...