Hagen Engler
3 minute read
16 Jan 2020
2:19 pm

Where does open-mindedness end, and integrity begin?

Hagen Engler

In the progressive cultural economy one tends to encounter in our cities, and within the social media component known as the twittersphere, a lot of value seems to be placed on the ideal of open-mindedness.

Hagen Engler.

Being open minded is indeed a noble character trait. It fosters tolerance. It is useful for our personal growth, and the evolution of our ideas to be able to temporarily put aside our own belief systems to try to understand those of others. However, it is important that we also have our own belief systems in the first place. In my experience, the modern “marketplace of ideas” can be navigated in two ways. You can be steadfast in your own beliefs, and actively curate a personal echo chamber where everyone you deal with confirms and amplifies your own opinions. The...