Kabelo Chabalala
3 minute read
27 Jan 2020
1:04 pm

Poverty is a crime that seems to give licence to commit other crimes

Kabelo Chabalala

It was heartbreaking to realise that several school pupils we were trying to help apparently couldn't resist stealing from us.

Kabelo Chabalala.

Abject poverty can be very erosive. Over the weekend, I experienced a level of poverty that has eaten away the moral compass of the young people we were helping. We were running our annual project of helping learners from impoverished families to cover their books. We used two classrooms as our working stations. As each learner walked in, I personally gave them the necessary resources, which included paper cover, plastic cover, seal-tape, book labels, a pair of scissors and a pen. I strictly told them that they should return the scissors, pens and the other resources should they remain. As...