Martin Williams
3 minute read
29 Jan 2020
6:23 am

Coronavirus infections are not due to karma

Martin Williams

Is karma different when you eat from a cow that dies screaming in an abattoir, instead of from a baby crocodile slaughtered at a Chinese food market?

Martin Williams, DA councillor and former editor of The Citizen.

In the Chinese Year of the Rat, is nature exacting karmic revenge for barbarities inflicted on wild animals? That’s what some are saying about the outbreak of coronavirus, spreading from central China. If you have a simplistic view of karma – that people get what they deserve – it’s easy to draw such conclusions. Especially if you believe nature enacts a great reckoning where everything balances out. These superstitions are endorsed on Twitter. Here’s an example: “Nature brings balance to the world population in the strangest ways. There are creatures on this earth, put there for human consumption, but when...