Gwynne Dyer
3 minute read
31 Jan 2020
6:25 am

The idea of a two-state Israel ‘peace deal’ died long ago

Gwynne Dyer

Israel must keep talking about some sort of Palestinian state or else resign itself to being simply an ethnic tyranny.

Gwynne Dyer.

The peculiar thing about the “peace deal” between Israelis and Palestinians that was announced in Washington this week was obvious. There was President Donald Trump and his buddy Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, together at the podium, and an audience of US and Israeli officials who clapped at every opportunity. They were talking about a “two-state solution”, and one of those states would have to be Palestinian – but there wasn’t a single Palestinian in the room. The after-life of the “two-state” principle has already been much longer than its real life. It was born in the Oslo Accords...