Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
4 Feb 2020
6:02 am

We need to remember the past to find each other

Sydney Majoko

Neil Aggett and Ahmed Timol’s inquests have, for a short while, provided a window into South Africa’s unresolved and painful past.

Sydney Majoko.

This past Sunday, South Africans who remembered commemorated that momentous day in 1990 when South African society set off on a course which will never be reversed. Although not a public holiday, it ranks up there with Freedom Day. When former president FW de Klerk announced the unbanning of over 30 political organisations and the imminent release of Nelson Mandela and the remaining political prisoners at the opening of parliament, South Africa crossed the Rubicon. Whether De Klerk was pushed to make the changes or did so because he was a visionary matters very little. His actions put the country...