Carina Koen
2 minute read
8 Feb 2020
6:25 am

We hope Roland Schoeman didn’t flout doping rules

Carina Koen

While his passion is to be commended, we hope he didn’t try to bend the rules in pursuit of the Olympic dream.

Roland Schoeman in the Men 50m LC freestyle Semi Final during day 6 of the SA National Aquatic Championships 2016 at Kings Park Aquatic Centre on April 15, 2016 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images)

Lance Armstrong may once have been the best cyclist in the world, but the revelations that he was involved in illegal doping have virtually destroyed that image and he will forever be known, to most sports fans, as a cheat. We hope the same does not happen to South African swimming star Roland Schoeman. One of our country’s most decorated swimmers, the veteran sprinter was this week banned from all competition for a year after he tested positive for a banned substance. It must be said, at the outset, that Schoeman is still awaiting the results on the test of...