Lucas Khumalo
2 minute read
7 Apr 2020
8:00 am

Lockdown Diary: Threat of real prison can’t scare hungry people

Lucas Khumalo

Our people are hungry and that is a prison in itself.

Shoppers outside Protea Glen Mall in Soweto, 2 April 2020, on the 7th day of national lockdown. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

I’m standing at the taxi rank, keeping my safe distance. I have to go to work, being “essential services”. The man next to me is at arm’s length, but we can talk while we wait. “How are you surviving the lockdown?” I ask him. “Please don’t mention it,” he says. “This morning I had to go to my friend to ask for four slices of bread so that I can eat because I sent most of the money I had home. “My grandma and my two little sisters must have something to eat during the 21 days.” “You are a...