Ben Trovato
5 minute read
13 May 2020
6:14 am

The Covid-19 truth won’t set us free, it’ll just make us panic

Ben Trovato

I hear lots of crazy stuff all day long and it's not always just in my head either.

For instance, I heard that the president's spokesman said the reason the government was keeping its Covid-19 modelling data from the public was because it wanted to avoid sowing panic. Nothing frightens South Africans more than hearing the truth. We have grown accustomed to being lied to – from the National Party warning us about the communists to the ANC claiming they are anti-corruption. We're comfortable with deceit, dishonesty and distortion. But the truth? We can't handle the truth. The government is right. In this country, the truth won't set us free. It will only make us panic. At the...