Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
19 May 2020
7:00 am

What ‘normal’ are you yearning to return to?

Sydney Majoko

There is a false nostalgia that has people yearning for a 'return to normal economic activity' as if SA was doing well before the pandemic.

A man offers his services at a traffic intersection in Cape Town. Almost 55% of South African youth are unemployed. Picture: EFE-EPA / Nic Bothma

The way national Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize has had to publicly defend government decisions around the Covid-19 pandemic, one would be excused for thinking the initial decision to put the country on lockdown had no scientific basis at all. It is as if there were doubts about how deadly Covid-19 really is, as if there were no grim pictures of gory deaths from places like Italy and France that made the decision to go on lockdown a very sensible one. The truth is this pandemic is only a couple of months old and any decision made will always be...