Martin Williams
3 minute read
20 May 2020
7:00 am

Western Cape isn’t ‘Wuhan Cape’, they just test better

Martin Williams

If other provinces trace, screen and test with the same rigour, we should see a different picture.

Picture for illustration. Diepsloot residents can be seen waiting to be screened and tested for the Covid-19 virus at a testing site in Diepsloot Park, 8 May 2020, Johannesburg. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Only the gullible believe the neglectful Gauteng provincial health department, which killed 143 Esidimeni patients, is doing a better job than the Western Cape in combatting Covid-19. There are indeed more Covid-19 cases and deaths recorded in the Western Cape than any other province. But tracing, screening and testing are more efficient and focused. Jibes about “Wuhan Cape” are misplaced. Competence in this climate should be prized, not mocked. Gauteng carries out more tests but produces fewer positive results. For example, in the week ended 10 May, Gauteng carried out 20,603 tests, yielding 203 positives (1%), while the Western Cape...