Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
26 May 2020
7:00 am

Ramaphosa’s booze vs tobacco balancing act makes no sense

Sydney Majoko

The president better pray that he is not left with two things he is trying to avoid: a massively high body count and a completely wrecked economy.

The main bar shelf at WhiskyBrother in Morningside. Picture: Charles Cilliers

The presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa since taking over two years ago can be summed up in one word: appeasement. Be it trying to placate the one faction baying for his blood from within his own party prior to the pandemic, or keeping the business sector happy during a pandemic that has practically destroyed the global economy, his has been a presidency of playing a delicate balancing act. At first, the pandemic looked as though it would provide a perfect opportunity for him to finally stamp his authority on the presidential chair. But it has turned out to be exactly in...