Ben Trovato
6 minute read
27 May 2020
6:15 am

Life seems so much better with no cops around

Ben Trovato

Obviously not all cops are vicious brutes incapable of independent, rational thought. But some people simply can’t help turning into instant assholes the moment you put them in a uniform.

In these outlandish times, the measure of all things needs to be constantly recalibrated if we hope to stand a chance of emerging relatively healthy and sane. So, I don’t know if what is happening is a good thing or a bad thing. I went surfing the other day. Don’t judge me. I didn’t drive through the suburbs spreading disease to get to the beach. I walk out of my gate, over some rocks and into the big wet thing. Yes, technically I broke the Law, but I, too, feel broken by the Law, and that’s all I can say...