2 minute read
25 Aug 2020
5:06 am

Don’t shout down dissident voices


Mboweni is worried about interference with the impartiality of the central bank and he clearly has reason to be. Another wasted decade loading?

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni speaks in Parliament. AFP/RODGER BOSCH

The ANC has become used to the fact that everybody within its ranks sings the same, harmonious choruses. So, when members give voice to a different tune, its leadership erupts in righteous anger. Yesterday, it was Trevor Manuel and Tito Mboweni who were in the firing line, for daring to express thoughts which are at odds with the approved “collective” opinion of the ANC. Manuel, the former finance minister who is now chair of Old Mutual, said last week the ANC’s time in office since 1994 was “almost three decades that were wasted”. And Mboweni, the current holder of the...