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12 Sep 2020
5:08 am

Biko’s legacy can’t be hijacked


He should be remembered, therefore, as a national hero and his legacy must not be appropriated by anyone.

Steve Biko (Photo by Gallo Images / Daily Dispatch)

On this day, 43 years ago, Steve Biko died alone in a cell at a prison hospital in Pretoria. The previous day, he had been manacled, naked, and thrown in the back of a police vehicle and driven 1 100km to Pretoria from Port Elizabeth. His police captors would deny assaulting him, claiming he had attacked them with a chair and they were forced to subdue him. But an autopsy showed Biko had suffered a massive brain haemorrhage, which later caused his body systems to fail. In brutalising Biko, the apartheid cops and their masters hoped they could silence a...