Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
20 Oct 2020
4:59 am

Futile standoff in Senekal

Sydney Majoko

The standoff between Afrikaner farmers (under the auspices of AfriForum) and the EFF in the Free State town of Senekal had all the hallmarks of the 1994 Bophuthatswana standoff.

Tension rising between EFF supporters and farmers in Senekal on Friday morning. Picture: Jacques Nellis

On the eve of SA’s first democratic election the then president of the Bophutatswana homeland, Lucas Mangope, declared they would not be part of the country’s election, effectively declaring a secession from SA. Some hastily convened Afrikaner extremist commandos offered their services to help defend the homeland from both the SA army and locals who were protesting against Mangope and his government. It ended in tears for the most prominent of the extremist organisations, the AWB, when three of its members were executed by a Bophuthatswana Defence Force member in front of cameras. And the cause they were fighting for?...