1 minute read
10 Nov 2020
5:05 am

New virus vaccine a glimmer of hope


The announcement by Pfizer and BioNTech that their new vaccine is 90% effective in preventing Covid-19 infections is a glimmer of hope in a world beset by grim news.

Picture: AFP/File/Eva Hambach

As many countries go back into lockdown and infections and deaths continue, perhaps only a vaccine can truly free us of the coronavirus curse. While it is still early days – and the reality is that some vaccines can take years to perfect and bring to market – the news is confirmation that, with the combined brainpower of humankind, no situation is too bleak. The problem will be in ensuring that a Covid-19 vaccine – whether this one or any one of the dozens of others in development around the world – is distributed quickly and equitably. It must not...