Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
21 Nov 2020
5:40 am

Orchids and Onions: Toyota’s zoom zinger pays off

Brendan Seery

Toyota's Fortuner ad gets an Orchid, but the health department’s official internet effort competes with Fikile Mbalula in the Useless Stakes.

When Toyota South Africa introduced its then quite radical Fortuner SUV back in 2006, the launch ad was probably something they’d rather forget. Trying to find it on the internet is also not easy. With almost 15 years’ hindsight, though, it’s obvious it could get sniped at for being cheesy and even – worst-case scenario – for being racist or colonialist. It featured a massive crate washing up on the beach of a tropical island populated by colourful “natives” who react with awe to the unimagined technology. At the time, it was perfect for introducing this new family, go-everywhere station...