Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
24 Nov 2020
4:46 pm

Zondo vs Zuma, Cyril vs Ace – the battle to control the narrative

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Instruments of justice and governance don’t appear to be enough to settle the issues SA has been cultivating for years. It’s now down to capturing the minds of the electorate, and history has taught us that that game gets dirty.

Ace Magashule and Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Supplied

“Play it in the press” - a tactic used in the legal sphere to such success that a play turned musical was created with it as a plot device as early as 1926. Even if you’re found guilty, you may move the national discussion to such a point that things could be overturned and you’ll land up on top. Nelson Mandela went from “terrorist” to icon, in part, due to a shift in narrative. Granted, it took a couple of decades but it goes to show how powerful narratives are in the political sphere. All over the world, political players...