Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
25 Nov 2020
5:20 am

We’ve been caught in a web of lies

Cliff Buchler

We’ve been led by the nose to think justice will end victorious. The Zumas, Aces, et al, will continue to run rings around the judiciary because they’re free to do so.

Former president Jacob Zuma arrives at the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture in Johannesburg, on 16 November 2020. Picture: Guillem Sartorio/AFP

Since time immemorial, politics has been labelled a dirty game. And politicians are given to lying. And stealing. This might be a generalisation but having seen our bunch in action, it’s nearer the truth. If this is so, why do we keep swallowing politicos’ promises? Or rather certain parts of their pledges, which appear getable. Nelson Mandela promised a nonracial society and a government free of corruption. In retrospect, he lied, having already identified the bad apples. No wonder he opted out earlier than expected. Then along comes Thabo Mbeki with Jacob Zuma in tow. He claimed that antiretroviral drugs...