Martin Williams
3 minute read
25 Nov 2020
5:25 am

What’s your word of 2020?

Martin Williams

If the exodus continues at this rate, Joburg’s word of the year will be Armageddon. Armageddon gettin’ outa here.

Shoppers purchase alcohol at Makro in Crown Mines, Johannesburg, 18 August 2020.  The ban on alcohol sales was lifted today as South Africa entered level 2 of lockdown which allows for the sale and distribution of alcohol.  Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

What’s your word of the year? The wimpish Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has decided not to choose only one because 2020 is, “a year which cannot be neatly accommodated in one single word”. No doubt you could think of an appropriate word for 2020. Have a go. OED’s indecisiveness is reminiscent of Tokyo Sexwale’s cop-out when he named two winners during the 2005 finale of the South African version of The Apprentice. Certainly not the style of the show’s most famous host, Donald (“You’re Fired”) Trump. Collins Dictionary chose “lockdown” for 2020 word of the year. Obvious isn’t it? “Coronavirus”...