Richard Anthony Chemaly
3 minute read
28 Dec 2020
5:20 am

We have to invest in behaviour change

Richard Anthony Chemaly

In spite of all the regulations, the spread of Covid-19 will still be swifter than it would be if there was actual investment in changing people's behaviour.

Coronavirus. Picture: Getty Images

It seems this 31 December we’ll be welcoming in the new year away from sea water, snuggled in at home while watching Dinner for One. Especially for the youth, that seems to be an issue and it appears no amount of regulating is going to curb that. The thing with regulations is that when they are made, you can’t exactly auto-assume that everybody will follow them. So what you need to do is see regulations as merely one tool among a variety of tools to complement a broader plan to achieve a result. The obvious desired result here is curbing...