Hagen Engler
4 minute read
1 Jan 2021
12:20 pm

Finding solace and stimulation as we retreat from the physical world

Hagen Engler

Imagine this pandemic in the time before the internet! Even more of our jobs would have evaporated, we’d have had to put ourselves into even more danger just to survive, and our leisure time would have been, how shall we say… far more limited.


My heart bleeds for a man of my acquaintance not blessed with an internet connection, whose TV broke and who spent months of the first lockdown sitting in a room with his wife, staring at each other in silence. He does, at least, have a wife. For those of us who do not, the weeks and months of isolation must be filled with creativity and media consumption. If you are privileged enough to access the magical internet, you have an entrepot into some of the world’s most stimulating and entertaining creative output. These times have made it even more valuable....