Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
11 Jan 2021
4:50 am

Glimpse into ‘new’ future

Jennie Ridyard

You’re likely going to need proof of either being Covid-19 negative or inoculation if you want to live a “normal” life again in any way, and this includes going to a football match, church, or visit another country.

A Covid-19 test is conducted on a young boy at Gqeberha Clinic in Walmer. Photo: GCIS

Let me introduce you to the future: It’s Friday afternoon and I’m flying to South Africa via Frankfurt. I get to the airport with my mandatory Covid test performed less than 72 hours ago, as per SA regulations. I have filled in the necessary forms online. However, literally overnight Germany has introduced new restrictions: anyone flying into a German airport, even just passing through, must have had a Covid test no more than 48 hours beforehand. Mine is from 52 hours ago, four hours too old. “If we let you fly, they’ll turn you around and send you straight back,”...