Amanda Watson
News Editor
3 minute read
5 Feb 2021
6:31 am

Tougher GBV sentences will get the message across

Amanda Watson

Some judge said a long time ago society should show it was the bigger person. To hell with that. We’re being raped while we’re dying.

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It is hoped that this sentence will send out a strong message that GBV [gender-based violence] will not be tolerated within our society.” It’s a well-meaning phrase from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) which becomes more redundant with every rape and every sexual assault on women, children and men. The latest horror to come from our courts was the rape of a wheelchair-bound 83-year-old woman in the Ntshawini area near KwaDukuza by now 22-year-old Siyabonga Buthelezi. According to the NPA, in November 2018, the rapist entered her home in the early hours of the morning. “He dropped her from the...