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13 Feb 2021
8:01 am

Bringing hope to a country that is in short supply

Editorial staff

There is a lesson in there for the rest of us.

FILE PIC. Mother Anice Kruger places a hand on the head of daughter Pippie Kruger at a press conference at the Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital in Auckland Park on Thursday 12 September 2012. Photo: Johann Hattingh/Citizen

Religious people – and even some nonbelievers – often like to say that life is not a brutal arbitrary collection of incidents and that things happen for a reason. We would not go as far as to say that Pippie Kruger’s ordeal by fire was preordained, but there is no doubt that the brave little girl – and her mom – can play a vital role in being an inspiration to people in awful situations and can be those who bring hope to a country where hope is in short supply. It is amazing to think that it is almost...