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17 Feb 2021
4:55 am

Glimmer of hope in Covid battle


And, undoubtedly, that hope will glow brighter as more and more vaccines, from all manufacturers, begin to arrive.

Nurse Ruth Seikaneng (64) sits for a portrait at the Reivilo Health Centre in Reivilo, a town an hour away from Taung, North West Province, South Africa, on September 4, 2020. Seikaneng is one of two nurses on shift at any given time servicing the town of 4,000 people. When her colleague died from COVID-19 she had to work even longer hours to support the town. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Gulshan Khan

It seems, literally, an age ago. A different era, when we were free and not threatened. But it has not yet been a year since the first coronavirus infection was identified in South Africa – in someone returning from holiday in Europe. Now, just on 1.5 million people have tested positive for coronavirus and more than 48,000 South Africans have died from Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. This is not something which can be dismissed as “just a bad flu” or minimised by playing games with excess death numbers. ALSO READ: SA asks Serum Institute of India to take...