Martin Williams
3 minute read
3 Mar 2021
5:55 am

Lindsay Dentlinger: Who is really to blame?

Martin Williams

Producers and editors are paid to make judgment calls – but lapses of editorial judgment often go unpunished.

Supporters of the ANC demonstrate outside the offices of eNCA, 2 March 2021, in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, over alleged racism by reporter Lindsay Dentlinger during a recent broadcast. Picture: Michel Bega

eNCA journalist Lindsay Dentlinger is taking flak for asking black MPs to wear masks when being interviewed, while not asking white MPs to do the same. For woke tweeps and their enemies, this is all about race. Views are entrenched about whether racism here was overt, subliminal or non-existent. However, there is another question which has not been properly asked or answered. What is the professional role of the reporter’s seniors? I asked a TV news executive about industry norms: surely there should be senior folks monitoring live-feed content? Surely they communicate with reporters and camera crews? Indeed, it turns...