Eric Naki
Political Editor
6 minute read
3 Mar 2021
5:35 am

Why ANC has to split or die

Eric Naki

Since the Polokwane national conference of 2007, factionalism has been party culture.

Ace Magashule and Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Supplied

Understandably it would be hard for ANC diehards to accept that their erstwhile monolithic movement must die first in order to live in future – yet this seems to be the best option. The party faithful would argue that as a “broad church” the party thrived on diversity and its many contradictions had become the oxygen that kept it alive. Such contradictions, they would say, strengthened the strategy and tactics of its National Democratic Revolution and helped to force the apartheid regime to its knees. But those contradictions are becoming more and more apparent. The ANC had political tensions even...