Hagen Engler
4 minute read
4 Mar 2021
3:51 pm

There are rats in South Africa’s kitchen, what are we gonna do?

Hagen Engler

Much as we profess to oppose crime and corruption, and despise the exploitation of people and the environment, we allow the rats who live among us to continue these practices, writes Hagen Engler.

A rodent or a symptom of rot? Picture: iStock

“Daddy, there’s a dark, furry animal!” gasped my daughter. Given her levels of creative ingenuity, I was initially at a loss for how to take this news. Had she glimpsed the cat from next door through the kitchen window? Was she imagining something? No. As I later discovered on a visit to the kitchen, there was indeed a dark, furry animal in our apartment - a large rat. Not a mouse, mind you. An insouciant rat, about the size of a man’s fist, calmly sniffing around the toaster and the kettle. Making its way towards the fruit bowl. I was...