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30 Sep 2021
6:45 am

The law and vaccinations: Politicians constrained by what constitution allows them to do

Citizen Reporter

The rule of law is supreme and it requires of government that a legitimate purpose of government is served in decision-making on such important a topic as making vaccination mandatory.

The study was conducted to understand the impact that smoking has on vaccine efficiency. Picture: iStock

There is a debate raging in the corridors of power worldwide concerning the question whether or not to make the Covid jab compulsory for all. In authoritarian regimes, it is possible for all-powerful politicians to decree that all shall be vaccinated no matter what. That is not the position in South Africa. Our system of government, known as constitutional democracy under the rule of law, posits the constitution as our guiding light. Politicians are not allowed to decide as they please (as in the old SA when apartheid-style parliamentary sovereignty was the order of the day). Nowadays, politicians are constrained...