Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
10 Apr 2022
7:00 am

Orchids and onions: Mahindra must learn that safety lies in numbers – the correct ones

Brendan Seery

Trying to bullshit customers will always get an Onion from me.

Screenshot taken from Mahindra website

A South African trait which has taken a pummelling in the past two years has been our ability to laugh at ourselves or, at the very least, laugh at our society. The ads for King Price insurance have always been quintessentially South African – and that true local spirit means being not afraid to tackle difficult, or even painful, subjects with humour. Finding something to chuckle about in the spiralling fuel price, though, takes quite a bit of comic genius… yet King Price has managed it, just as they have with many of their ads which have got Orchids from...