Isaac Mashaba
4 minute read
20 Apr 2022
5:00 am

Brics membership feeds SA’s delusions of grandeur, but not its people

Isaac Mashaba

If Brics was such a great idea, why are our industries closing down, investors leaving, and our imports from China increasing?

The Brics countries' flags.

In its desperation to be viewed as an international economic powerhouse, South Africa was quick to jump on the Brics bandwagon. As a member of Brics (an informal coalition comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), we seem to have fooled ourselves into believing we have a major impact on the world’s economies. This is akin to believing in the Easter Bunny. Also Read: Ramaphosa chats with another Brics partner about Ukraine What have we really gained from posing as a Brics member? Have our people been given advantages they didn’t previously have? Did it offer a much-needed boost...