Goodenough Mashego
3 minute read
18 Jul 2022
5:15 am

Liberator or traitor? This is where Mandela lost the plot

Goodenough Mashego

'Mandela wanted the bare minimum and it's exactly what the apartheid regime offered him', writes Goodenough Mashego

27 August 08 Nelson Mandela met with the soccer team from Bree Primary School in Mayfair at Nelson Mandela House yesterday. Bree Primary School recently won the 2008 Danone Nations Cup and will be representing South Africa in a tournament in France next month. Pic Neil McCartney

Nelson Mandela had it easy when he was still alive and people were afraid to criticise a Nobel Laureate and international icon – from 1990 to 2013 nobody could touch Mandela. But, after the passing of the statesman, there has been revisionists taking pot-shots at the oldman’s legacy – was he liberator or traitor? With the passage of time the dominant narrative is that he gave too much for too little. But Mandela wanted the bare minimum and it’s exactly what the apartheid regime, from the discomfort of its deathbed, offered him, even squeezing further concessions from the little he...