Instead of looking to the future, ANC govt remains entrenched in the past

Our democracy is characterised by deeply-ingrained corruption, looting of state coffers, and the collapse of infrastructure, writes Isaac Mashaba.

It is said that democracy is a form a government by the people and from the people. We aren’t so lucky. What we are experiencing in South Africa is not in any manner of form “democracy”.

One could term it “autocratic pseudo-democracy” and one that hides its support for authoritarian governments under the vague terms of “neutrality” and “economic development”.

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Our government’s leanings are patently obvious. Our democracy is characterised by deeply-ingrained corruption, looting of state coffers, the collapse of infrastructure, uncontrolled and rampant crime, and more. We have also become a home for the criminal and fleeing less desirable.

But were it not for our brave whistle-blowers, we would most certainly remain unaware of how deeply ingrained the rot and corruption in this administration truly is.

Whistle-blowers are actively discouraged to not speak out against the ills and evils taking place in government.

Whistleblowers suffer

Those who dare blow the whistle frequently suffer. The recent reshuffling of the deck chairs on our parliamentary Titanic is a good example of how the government solves problems: it appoints more ministers and deputy ministers, despite the fact that the state has reached levels of unheard of and totally bankruptcy.

This is strengthened by the government’s moral bankruptcy, differing and incompetence. The almost disbelief of many of the people I mingle with, from businessmen to those who commute daily in unroadworthy transport to work are in agreement.

The president has, once again, missed an opportunity to show the country he is serious in turning SA bout the flimsy ship they are steering towards the rocks – of which he is the captain.

Their anger is palpable. If anything, the new Cabinet has created Monday 13 March 2023 8 an additional trough for the ruling party’s new ministers and deputy ministers to eat out of.

It will certainly bite deep into the pockets of the taxpayers. Instead of looking to the future, the government remains firmly entrenched in the past.

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Never mind that for the past three decades the “comrades” have been the creators of chaos and division and have bled the country dry through their insatiable greed and desire to steal. But let’s face facts: we are in a dire situation the country has never yet experienced.

We are experiencing a surge in violent riots and protests, road blockades, stone-throwing and an increase in cash in transit bombings. The collapse of law and order has been rapid and there is no interest in halting it.

It is only when it touches the entitled political masters that it becomes an issue to be dealt with. We desperately need order, not politics.


We need technocrats and not politicians. Our current crop of leaderless and clueless geriatric Mafiosos have overseen not only a constantly shrinking economy but have also overseen and been party to the moral decay of our youth.

To make matters worse, our bloated and dysfunctional Cabinet just keeps growing. Our youth are facing record levels of unemployment as a result of numerous poor and disconnected policies. To survive, those who can emigrate.

Others stay at home dealing drugs and others enter the world of violent crime. The massive distrust and disconnect between the citizens and the government cartel grows daily.

The mafias we have running the country have given every citizen an immense challenge: simply staying alive. We need to stop the rot and find people who truly want to lead our country into prosperity and not into ever-greater disaster.

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