‘Anything but the ANC’: Time for opposition parties to unite

ANC doesn’t deserve – and mustn’t be allowed – another term, starting in 2024.

We enjoyed a wink of magic at the M for Mandela Moment when the spirit of reconciliation was sparked. Now, we’re on the verge of the Z for Zuma Moment when thieves in state capture, VBS Bank robbers, asbestos poisoners, Bosasa Bible-punchers, Covid mask marauders and tender plunderers are rounded up and charged. Not forgetting the Nkandla kingpin himself. Paradise?

Running concurrently another momentous moment is in the offing. The Z for Zille Moment, when this feisty fighter marshals the troops from all opposition parties – with the exception of the EFF, whose leaders are too busy appealing jail sentences.

In any case, street fighters are unwelcome in what is called Opposition Reconciliation. And she totally ignores the ANC whose leaders, firstly, have been unable to stem the rotten tide and, secondly, for either not seeing the signs, or turned a blind eye to the goings-on of their fellow comrades in government – probably out of fear.

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After all, political murders are part of the sick mosaic. Remember those Idasa days when spunky Van Zyl Slabbert and Alex Boraine initiated talks to help oust the regime of PW Botha. An epoch-making event changing the political landscape to the good.

Nearing heaven? Just a pity scavengers took over and undid what should have been the start of a happy, safe and caring society, one honouring the promises made to the poor and unemployed. A place in the sun for everyone was the Madiba dream. Back to hell.

So, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure the way back. Every good citizen is waiting for the day they can put their trust in government. “Anything but the ANC” is the chant. So, Helen, have face-to-face chats to all credible leaders, most of them are, hit the hustings and coax the citizenry to vote for the Party of Peace and Reconciliation (PPR), and for clean and transparent governance. She’s taken over one province, so she can do the same with the remaining ones.

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One thing’s for sure, the ANC has had the ideal opportunity of getting us out of banana republic status, into the First World. But no, greed, selfishness coupled to incompetence sullied the party and the nation. It doesn’t deserve – and mustn’t be allowed – another term, starting in 2024.

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