Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
29 Mar 2021
6:00 am

I can now tell you, in Spanish, that my pretty dog eats green apples

Jennie Ridyard

Who would’ve guessed that learning can be easy when it’s fun, that it happens organically when the student is interested, engaged, amused even?

Picture for illustration. A worker places umbrellas on Barceloneta beach in St. John Day holiday in Catalonia, in Barcelona, Catalonia, northeastern Spain, 24 June 2020. Picture: EPA-EFE/Toni Albir

Hola! Tú hablas español? No, I don’t speak Spanish – yet. But I’m learning. I wrote that opening sentence all by myself without even checking where the accents go, which is indeed a work of magic from the girl who was told to sit at the back in high school German and not bother anyone, “because you’re going to fail anyway”. Of course I was going to fail! All that dry der, die und das promised a slow death by boredom, if complete lack of comprehension didn’t suffocate me first. I scraped through Afrikaans after 12 grim years of it;...