Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
3 minute read
29 Mar 2021
5:23 am

If you want a better world for your children, start buying with your heart

Ina Opperman

Everything we buy has a history and it is up to us as consumers to ensure that it is not a history of exploitation of people and resources.

Image: iStock

We all know by now that climate change is a horrible reality that will still cause a lot of damage and heartache in the world. What we should remember is that we, as consumers, are to blame for this: our buying patterns and our insatiable thirst for more stuff is causing climate change. Washing machine broken? Buy a new one and throw the old one away. Want to buy new clothes? Go out and buy what you like without thinking how it was made and the damage that was done to the people in the supply chain, as well as...