William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
17 Apr 2021
6:50 am

SA’s cosseted trade union mafias

William Saunderson-Meyer

For example, Sadtu was found by a ministerial task team to exercise 'de facto control' over education departments and blatantly selling posts.

Sadtu. Picture: Picture Wilson Mmako

  For now, SA has among the most cosseted workers in the world – for the increasingly few, that is, who can obtain paid, regular remuneration. Because it is exceedingly difficult to get rid of staff, private sector employers look to mechanisation or outsourcing. That leaves the public sector, where job growth, salaries and benefits have grown steadily since 1994. Because of demographic quotas, getting a public service job has little to do with merit and much to do with ticking the boxes for race and gender. That’s just the first hurdle. Nepotism is rife and it is virtually impossible...