Hagen Engler
4 minute read
27 Jun 2021
12:51 pm

All you need to be a magazine editor these days is a fancy phone and data

Hagen Engler

Media is becoming completely disintermediated. There is no magazine, content provider or brand platform gathering it, curating it and packaging it for the consumer - the curator is you.

If you fondly miss FHM – or any media platform that you once slavishly followed – you may find that you have already created a facsimile of your fave media on your social media. Check your account! That is the content you signed up for. Literally! Photo: iStock

Once, about three previous lives ago, I was the editor of FHM, a consumer magazine aimed at men. Gender politics have certainly moved on since then, but a few former readers still have fond memories of our publication. From time to time, I am asked whether we might ever relaunch the magazine. To this, my reply is an unequivocal, “No bru. We had an awesome time, but those days are gone.” There are many reasons why we could never recapture and revive those halcyon days. Foremost among them is that today, every one of us is already managing a magazine...