Rorisang Kgosana
Premium Journalist
2 minute read
16 Jul 2021
5:16 am

Chaos and unrest cloud Mandela Day

Rorisang Kgosana

It was satisfying and impressive to see South Africans come together to protect their country, its economy and their community.

An aerial view shows 2 754 knitted wool blankets in the shape of the Springbok emblem on the school field at Steyn City, 9 June 2021, in Midrand. The giant blanket, created by the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day initiative, forms part of the upcoming Nelson Mandela Day celebrations. The blankets will be given to those who need them during winter. This year the theme was 'We are stronger together' celebrating the South African Springboks rugby team winning the Rugby World Cup 2019. Picture: Michel Bega

This time of the year, we were often bombarded by corporates and organisations sharing their upcoming initiatives and plans to spend their 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela around the country. Individuals also found their own ways of participating in the campaign and volunteering their time to a good cause. But not this year. The chaos and unrest of the past week clouded the annual Mandela campaign. The month of July, often referred to as Mandela month, instead kicked off with the sentencing and imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma – which gripped the attention of the population as Mandela’s upcoming...