Martin Williams
3 minute read
28 Jul 2021
5:09 am

To empower the poor, we need to end BEE (and other bad ideas)

Martin Williams

Recent riots have increased the clamour for a basic income grant (BIG). Helping the poor has become more urgent under the spectre of mob violence.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa told a Mandela Day webinar: “We must be bold enough to think about interventions such as a basic income grant.” Bold, or frightened into action? Certainly the need to help the poor has become more urgent after the looting, which ruined many businesses and livelihoods this month. Ramaphosa on Sunday announced the reinstatement of the social relief of distress grant (not BIG) of R350 monthly until the end of March 2022. ALSO READ: BBBEE Strategy: Economic transformation on new trajectory  It’s unclear how that, or PAYE relief for employers, will be funded. Ramaphosa said the extension of...