Brenden Seery
2 minute read
13 Sep 2021
7:01 am

‘I believed extreme fitness would protect us from everything’

Brenden Seery

He was almost sure that I, as a ‘veteran athlete’ (his technical description), would probably show calcification of the arteries.

Man running. Picture; iStock

I once contemplated having a T-shirt made with an adaption of René Descartes’ famous saying: “I run, thereforeI am”. For more than 35 years, I hit the long road, putting more than 60 000km underscores of pairs of running shoes, running five Comrades marathons, a number of ultra-marathons and sundry triathlons. With the fitness came the endorphin high-inspired arrogance that, along with other runners, I was special and the normal rules of healthy living didn’t apply to me. I, and many others, believed that our extreme fitness wouldprotect us from everything. Oh, how wrong we were. On my first trip...