Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo
2 minute read
16 Sep 2021
4:30 am

11.9 million social grant recipients: How many are truly deserving?

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo

The welfare system is overloaded with undeserving people, while those who desperately need the help cannot access it.

Grant recipients waiting in a queue. Picture:Nigel Sibanda

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is a lifeline for many households, with child support, pension and disability grants. This money puts food on the table and helps families survive from one day to the next, but… And it’s a big but: we must truthfully admit these very grants are received by some who see them as pocket money, hair salon payments and funding for a night out at the tavern. In short, these funds are not serving the purpose for which they were meant. While shopping, a friend and I bee-lined for a till where we were fifth...