Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
25 Sep 2021
6:30 am

Don’t get angry, make a cross

Carine Hartman

Stop being cross and make the right cross – or no cross at all. It all counts. Like friends.

Photo: Twitter/@IECSouthAfrica

Speaking of birthdays, I forgot my old – not a good choice of words, she’s my age – friend’s birthday. We hit the 50 target together a decade ago, just differently. I chose a hippie party with an old lover and his band playing us into the new decade with boerewors rolls; she went the hoi-polloi way of designer tent, gold plates and making an entrance. But we still love each other, just differently. Her Muslim, me drinking. Her losing her partner recently, me an old hack at that. She had a “tea” on Saturday to celebrate her 60-something birthday....