Richard Anthony Chemaly
3 minute read
5 Nov 2021
2:05 pm

Finally! It looks like lawmakers are getting serious about sexual offences

Richard Anthony Chemaly

For years, government has simply been paying lip service to the fight against sexual offences, but now it seems they're starting to wake up.

Picture for illustration: iStock

It seems as though for every rapist put behind bars, more assaults just happen the next day. Similarly, with every person saved from being trafficked, dozens won’t be as fortunate. It’s been a mess of a response from policy makers, as they assumed the infallibility of their work. If you ask them, it simply must be that the courts and cops who are screwing up. After all, human trafficking, rape, and robbery are illegal already, right? It’s not like one can make them more illegal in an attempt to stop them from happening. This view that our regulators had taken...