Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
3 Dec 2021
12:28 pm

Where are the activists fighting for sex workers’ rights and protection?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

How is it that a bunch of stoners can get weed legalised so quick, yet sex workers are left to fend for themselves amid a GBV crisis?

Sex workers still have very little protection in SA. Picture: iStock

Last week, I went back to dabbling in the dark corners of Twitter, only to be reminded why I prefer keeping my head in the sands of other social media platforms. Like many, I was exposed to a naked woman refusing to let go of a hotel patron who seemingly enjoyed the services of this apparent sex worker, then refused to pay for them. I mean, maybe there is another interpretation to her shouting, “No. No. No. No. My pussy’s not for free. Give money.” Maybe it didn’t even take place in South Africa, but the thread of further videos...