Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
23 Dec 2021
7:50 am

Mbalula will get a tub full of mud for Christmas

Hein Kaiser

...so he can feel what it’s like to get his hands dirty

Fikile Mbalula File image: Instagram

It’s the festive season again. It’s the time where we navigate potholes on the way to load shedding-proofed shopping centres running on generators. It’s the time when hard-earned 13th cheques are taxed by nearly half and what you get in return remains as much a mystery as Santa’s ability to deliver millions of gifts in a single night. Thankfully, President Cyril Ramaphosa shed some light on the missing trillions of taxpayer money. He acknowledged in midyear that it was gone. Then he had the guile to expect us to move on. The president will not be getting a Christmas card...