Richard Anthony Chemaly
3 minute read
24 Dec 2021
12:50 pm

All I want for Christmas is a government that doesn’t think I’m stupid

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Despite it being Dezemba, we’re not drunk or dumb enough to buy what Mbalula is trying to sell, writes Richard Chemaly.

Fikile Mbalula. Picture: Gallo Images/Beeld/Deaan Vivier

For a government allegedly aiming for equality and some sort of better life for all, I’m more inclined to be impressed by how they distort the English language to disguise their misses. Perhaps public education isn’t as bad as I’ve been complaining about. It’s more likely that when you get a nice stately position, you’re obligated to get a diploma from the Mac Maharaj Academy of Spin. He, who graduated cum laude, one Mr Fix Mbalula, has now claimed receipt of a shoddy inheritance in the form of PRASA. It would seem that they don’t teach the law of succession...